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The Healing Womb

Is a sanctuary for deepening and healing into the mystic feminine realms.


Through the consciousness of the Womb we travel through dimensions in our own embodied awareness to reclaim, remember and heal our lives back into a state of deeper coherence with all of Life.

Healing the Sovereignty of Life

For thousands of years the consciousness of the womb has been oppressed and suppressed resulting in the wombs of women being compromised by influences they are largely unaware of.

Many women are barely conscious that their wombs exist as an alive portal other than for birthing their babies, let alone why it would be in their best interest to heal and protect their wombs.


Our wombs are our spiritual seat as women, a pathway to our reconnection to the very Source of Life which gives us the immense spiritual power and responsibility to consciously conceive and birth souls from the Source realms of creation. Our wombs are also a pathway for the healing and rebirthing of our own souls.


The womb births life and consciousness through all realms and dimensions. As women on the earth plane our wombs are the vessels through which the consciousness of humanity is birthed into life. The collective health of our wombs directly impact and shape the evolution of human consciousness.  

For every human soul birthed through the womb of their mother, their experience in utero is shaped and moulded by the consciousness and the energy field of their mother and becomes the unconscious underpinning of their relationship to 'other' and their relationship to life itself.

This imprint, this conditioned response to ‘other’ comes into play for many of us before our conscious mind is developed and remains entrenched in our unconscious awareness until healed. 


It veils over, covers over our true nature, our divine nature, making it deeply challenging for humans to embody the deeper presence of who they are spiritually.

With the state of humanity in turmoil at this time it is important work to contemplate our collective trajectory and make some compounding decisions regarding safeguarding the wombs of women and healing our primal mother wound.... Our relationship to ‘mother’, our relationship to Mother Earth and our relationship to Great Mother, the Divine Feminine, the Mother of Life through all of existence.


We are being called to heal and restore the sovereignty of the feminine aspect of birthing life, of birthing consciousness, of birthing love as never before.

 - Bonita Woolf -

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Sessions are held via zoom and take between 2 - 4 hours.

Some sessions including In-Utero Healing, Past Life Healing and Healing Ancestral Womb Lines are available for men. Custom sessions are also available.

Start Your Healing Journey

Womb Immersion Session

In-Utero Healing

Healing Sexual Violation

Past Life Healing

Preparing Your Womb for Conception

Womb Nourishment Session

Preparing to Birth

Healing Miscarried Pregnancies

Healing Ancestral Womb Lines

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Book a complimentary 20min phone consultation with Bonita 


Meet our tribe of courageous feminine souls who have experienced the healing grace that flows from travelling to these depths within themselves to find and heal the truths that live beneath the surface of their lives. 

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How does one express the immense shifts that occur when journeying with Bonita through the incredibly powerful terrain that is Womb Consciousness!

Not only life changing, but soul trajectory changing! 

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It’s not often you come across such a rare and gifted soul like Bonita. Kind, compassionate, humble and a truly transformational healer. Do not underestimate her grace.

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Olga Maria

The depth of the open-heart space for which Bonita holds you in while in the process is beyond the Earthly realm. Her compassion, understanding, nurturing and kindness is all you need as you walk through the depth of your healing journey.


Bonita Woolf

Mystic Feminine Soul Guide

My own relentless path of healing guided me to rediscover these realms... A soul wired to experience life at its depths, deeply sensitive to life and an embodied knowing buried deep in my ancestral blood and bones.