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Womb Circle

Womb Sanctuary Sundays have been created for women who are interested in opening to explore the consciousness of their womb as well as those who are committed to deepening in their journey of feminine embodiment.

Here we breathe together, we rest together, we unravel together and we flower open together.

No pre-requisites are required other than a sincere heart.

All women welcome, our time together is so deeply nourishing and life-giving.

This is not religious, it is not a modality or an ideology.

Through embodiment practices and a deep transmission we rest and immerse into the deeper womb realms alive in our own beings, while being gently and safely guided into your own organic experience. Like a natural spring, Its from here that life flows forth.


Awakening to the consciousness of your womb is a slow unfolding of resting and relaxing into your depths.

Through resting, our bodies naturally flower open to what is more deeply alive within as we rediscover the gateways to being nourished by life in the most organic and natural way.

We are all birthed from the Source love of the Mother of Life and our bodies respond to love, we come alive, we awaken when we feel loved and safe in our bodies.


It does not require believing in any ideology or taking on anybody else’s idea of truth other than the truth of your own unfolding, of your own experience, and this becomes your guide, this becomes your authority and your path to sovereignty.

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Earth Presence


MOTHER EARTH IS AN ALIVE PRESENCE… To truly know Her we must enter Her presence through the gateway of out bodies.

THE MOTHER OF LIFE THE EARTH... Emanates the very Source Love of Creation that births all of the Cosmos into being.

Her loving presence being coherent with the most powerful alchemical force of creation through all of existence…

Our relationship to Earth, to the Mother of Life of the Earth is the foundation of the feminine spiritual path… Our relationship to a love so pure, so vast, so immense … A love that mirrors us in our entirety, a love that surpasses all understanding.


It's this unfathomable unfolding of Love that has birthed the immense beauty of life on her planetary body. She mothers the mountains, the forests, the oceans, the plant and animal kingdom, all of humanity… All that constitutes life on her earth body.

She literally moves mountains to birth Her love.


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Sacred Returning

Desert WOMBens Pilgrimage

A Feminine Journey into the red womb soils of Country.

A 5 night / 6 day pilgrimage through the desert lands from Alice Springs to Ayres Rock.

 This is an invitation to join us with an open heart to a Sacred Feminine Immersion in the Centre of our Ancient Motherland. An invitation to connect with Country.


To the wide-open skies and desert fires. Here we reconnect to the heart of ourselves and the heart of the land. Where the Country is alive with ancient ways. This is a journey of homecoming for women, where we create space to relax into deep listening to the whispers of the land.

Together we deepen into the sacred gateways of body and land to realise how deeply we are at one with Her.

In letting go to the timeless we gently begin to remember our own true nature. Reclaiming our connection to Life and our connection to our bodies as sacred vessel for the deepest co-creation with the Mother of Life herself, the Sacred Feminine.


This is a journey of deep Soul Healing, a journey of Re-Connection, a journey of Feminine Embodiment, a journey of Love. We have the honour and privilege of being connected to Culture on this journey by being welcomed to Country by the Traditional Owners.


This Journey will be facilitated by the medicine of Bonita Woolf, Lucia Swift and Beck Hall. Weaving the wisdom and knowledge of each woman to offer a deeply held journey of transformation and connection. Adapting to the moment of what feels appropriate to Country.



Desert WOMBens Pilgrimage

6 - 11 October 2022

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