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The Enchanted Womb

March to June 2023

Guided into the deeper realms by BONITA WOOLF and HEIDI METCALF

You are invited to enter a world of Sacred Feminine Enchantment, alive and at play in the very cells and energy gateways of your body and being. Here we gather in sacred community... Together we walk the holy ground of the Mystic Feminine Soul, in our bodies and of the Earth.

As women, our essential beauty is connected to nature and we are all flowers in the goddess garden.


Being in devotion to our own bodies flows from being in devotion to the body of our Earth Mother and all that exists in Her web of life.


As we venture inward together we cross thresholds within our own bodies, our own consciousness, to enter a presence rarely touched and even more rarely consciously embodied.


We enter and experience a vitality of life.

Gentle yet not submissive, forceful with life-giving presence,

powerful with healing grace, alive to depths we usually only dream of. These are the fertile soils of the goddess garden.


Here we plant the seeds of soul, germinating and gestating in the depths of Her soils as we soften into embodying Her vitality of loving presence. Here we begin to experience ourselves in Her womb of inter-connectivity, deeply coherent with the very Source of Life and Love itself.


Enter the realms of enchantment, enter the Sacred Feminine, enter a world of Love like no other.


The impact of disconnection from the goddess garden....



Through the eons of time, the feminine heart and womb have suffered great losses through the dross of colonisation in the devastation of matriarchal cultures and dishonouring of our sacred feminine bodies. Feminine power and wisdom have been targeted to the point where we have largely lost connection with our own feminine knowing and the divine energies held in our own bodies.


We often birth from deep unconsciousness and suppression; miss sacred union in our lovemaking; and experience chronic fatigue and numbness in our bodies. For many women, access to our core womb, the power that heals and regenerates, is but a distant memory from a lifetime long ago.


Historically, we have been stripped bare of the sacred, of our embodied experience of the enchanted mystical nature of existence… the light hearted purity of love that we know in the marrow of our bones.


As a result, our inner rivers and streams have dried up, we have lost the connection to our Sacred waters, we have forgotten how to surf the waves of our sensual nature to reclaim our eternal love making with life, we have forgotten how to rest, how to heal, how to find safe refuge in the Holy Birthing Cave of our wombs.

How does this show up....



The mystic feminine soul grieves in silence.

The deep cry of longing in our bodies for the very soul of life, for our intimate connection with nature and humanity that we know is available because we feel it in our bodies...


We have largely become lost to this intimacy, to the loving holding of Life itself, and this reveals the urgency for us to now return to the goddess garden.


As a collective we have suppressed our heartbreak, it too has gone underground, often re-emerging as anxiety, depression, dis-ease.


We silently mourn for ourselves, for our children, our loved ones, our community, our culture, our humanity.


Up until now, shame and disconnection have kept us from fully holding the heart of life in our wombs, from living the deepest truths that would course through our feminine beings given half a chance.


Our wombs and our souls are wired to love and care deeply for the Soul of Life and birth through its full majesty.

It's our core nature, we are designed this way.


Finding our way home to the goddess garden....


Enter the remembrance that may be stirring in your depths.

Enter your grief, enter any disharmony you may be feeling in your body.


Enter the knowing of a depth of love that may be flowering in your womb, tingling in your veins.


Enter your 'enchanted womb’


Enter a realm of Love long lost but not forgotten.


In love and honour we invite you to journey with us to the goddess garden within,

to this primal lifeline that reminds us with each breath that we are so deeply loved,

so deeply held as an essential fractal of the whole,

alive in our dance with life,

and revered not for what we bring but for simply being who we are.


As we reconnect to ourselves within a sisterhood culture supported by our Mother Source,

we find our way home to the goddess garden.

Sacred Sisterhood....



Through herstory women have gathered in sacred community to deepen into the mystical realms together.

The sisterhood culture that is most inspiring is that of the Essene feminine healers.

In community the Essenes worked tirelessly and intimately as men and women healing and deepening through initiation after initiation to purify their bodies and deepen their consciousness together.


The women worked together specifically to deepen into the womb mysteries bringing to life through embodied healing the consciousness that lived in secret caves within their own bodies. They moved through many thresholds of connection, trust and intimate sharing to come together in harmony and deep, deep co-creation.

The womb of feminine love shared was palpable.

Together they cultivated a purity of womb love that transmits through life to this day.


When women come together with a sincerity of intention our hearts, our souls and our wombs connect to

co-create a powerful portal. A living gateway opening directly to the Source Womb of life from which all of life is birthed... The living heart womb of Great Mother.


It does not ask of any special beings or any gifted beings, it only asks for a sincerity of heart and devotion to healing our feminine nature and return to a love that is known. We are all born with the gift, with the powerhouse of our wombs, whether we physically have one or not. Even when our wombs have been  removed, we hold the consciousness of the womb within us, we have the wide open gateway to the deeper realms within us.

There are particular souls who are called to deepening into this sacred work.

Your body will be feeling it now if you are.

Some feminine souls are wired to embody these realms.

There is not judgement here, it just is.


It's with the deepest reverence that we invite you to join us in co-creating the same magic of sisterhood to birth through a shared love that has the power to change and bring through deeper alignment beyond measure.


For some of us there is a hunger for it.

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Our Journey


Mother Earth Enchantment

Grounding/ rooting/ seeding from enchantment

Sacred birthing through the Earth Womb

Healing our connection to the feminine, to sisterhood

Nurturing and nourishing our feminine organs


Oceanic Womb Enchantment

Mother love enchantment

Flowing with our Sacred waters

Awakening to the love of Mother Venus


InUtero Enchantment

The Divine Womb

Healing our embodied connection to the sacred as a Divine Embryo

Working with the Essene community of feminine healers



Cosmic womb enchantment

Sacred sexuality

Sacred Union

Sacred Purpose, birthing our Eternal soul into Life

What is included

Together we cultivate deep presence through guided transmission, embodiment practices, music, sacred sisterhood, one on one as well as group healing, a retreat, day excursions and so much more...

12 Live weekly zoom gatherings with guided meditation

- three weeks of each month


Web portal to access recordings and content

4 One on one sessions - 2 with each facilitator

Intimate group work

2 in-person retreats

Day excursions

Soul wombing

Sincere Feminine Community

Support to bring through your gifts with embodied clarity

Song as a gateway to womb presence

Finding your voice

Womb embodiment Practices



4 months/16 weeks


5 March to 25 June


$2800AU $1999 US

Payment plans available


Retreat and day excursions - food, travel and accomodation/camping not included.



At least one In Utero session before the commencement of the mentorship


Being a sincere soul


About the facilitators
Heidi Metcalf and Bonita Wolf

This journey into the Enchanted realms has evolved through the connection between both of us as guardians of the womb thresholds. We came to meet through our entrainment at the Womb of Life School many years ago and have walked by each others sides through our apprenticeship and into developing our respective healing practices.

To say that we have walked through the thick and thin of the womb realms is not an exaggeration. Through it all something remained grounded in our experience. That was and is our connection... the safety, the backing, the truth, the love that we mirrored in each other carried us across countless thresholds. This was our first taste of sincere, sacred sisterhood.

For years as we grew into our offerings we dreamed of this day when we would co-create from across the globe. This mentorship feels like divine timing for both of us and deepening into the enchanted realms together is what we have been cultivating since we first met. Its where we naturally connect, its where our souls sing...


We are both beyond excited to be singing our soul song with you, welcoming you into the enchanted realms with us.

We both bring our unique flavour and gifts to this sacred container.

These are the gatherings of our lived experience and healing which we are both deeply committed to.

We would love you to journey with us in dancing through these realms, bringing to life the beauty and potency of the sacred through our bodies and through sisterhood.


About Bonita

Mystic Feminine Soul Guide

Throughout my life I’ve craved to go deeper, to know deeper, to explore deeper… It’s as if something was drawing me into my depths from deep inside, calling me from deep inside…Like my true self existed in the depths of my being.

It was this very energy that guided me to eventually become an apprentice to Womb Consciousness with the

Womb Of Life School in the US.

After years of entrainment I was guided by the grandmothers of the land on retreat in Sedona to begin my 'work' here in Australia. 

Many years and wombs later I am even more passionate about being a womb guide and how important it is for the trajectory of humanity that we as a collective heal our wombs.

Women birth the consciousness of humanity through the consciousness of their wombs.

The mystic feminine art of womb healing was lost many years ago, driven underground by the same forces of colonisation that proliferate today, to the point where we have lost connection to the power of our wombs as our spiritual seat for renewal and healing.

The healing crisis we are in as a collective at this time is deeply indicative of the disconnect from the womb realms... The disconnect from mother in all Her forms.


I have a passion for working in the In Utero realms. Healing our birth journey is primary to the embodied realisation of the sacred. Our relationship to mother is a primal point of connection into this incarnation and imprints or relationship to life in a way that is deeply unconscious for most.

The range of my work extends to feminine healing from sexual violation, healing ancestral lineage, past life healing, preparation to conceive, preparation to birth, miscarried and terminated pregnancies, womb nourishment sessions and more...


Please visit the other pages on this site for more details on my offerings and testimonials.


About Heidi

Psychotherapist & Transformational Life Coach

I am Heidi Metcalf, MA, LPCC, of My Anam Cara, LLC, a psychotherapist and a transformational life coach. I hold a Master’s Degree in Counseling, and in Interdisciplinary Arts.

Nearly a decade ago, my journey took me into increasingly more soulful terrain, and I studied for years with the Womb of Life School as a Mystic Soul Guide. Here I found the courage, the tools, and the grace to transform my own life.

At the same time, I learned how to midwife a woman on that sacred journey back to the depth of her own spirit that she longs to embody, that can heal her wounds, ignite her personal power, and lead her forward to be the force of Nature she was born to be.

I love to share song in Circle, for with its vibration, it creates another layer of deep holding and caresses the soul. For our entering of the enchanted garden, song brings to life our connection with the earthly and eternal realms through the embodied remembrance of primal tone.

My work is now entirely dedicated to feminine beings who desire to connect more deeply with their own soul presence and realize their Sacred Feminine nature. I hold Women’s Circles, teach workshops, facilitate retreats, and lovingly support feminine beings, one on one, as they deepen on their soul path.

21 Rose Flower.png

Testimonials for My Anam Cara, LLC

Michele from Napa, on her first visit...

“I felt very comfortable with Heidi on every level and the manifesting experience was truly transformative. And fun. I left feeling excited, centered, inspired, in awe and at the same time, calm. Honestly, I was in therapy for years and I don’t think it was as powerful or moving as our one evening together. I want more!”


Andrea from St. Helena describes what to expect...

“Heidi brings immense love to her work, a palpable wisdom to her guided meditations, and a trusted space in which we can come home to ourselves. Her practice enlivens and heals our world, one client at a time, and for that, I am so grateful.”

Erica from Ljubljana, Slovenia tells how her grief transformed...

“My husband had been gone one year when I went to Heidi for spiritual guidance. I still had trouble being still with myself. Every time I tried to meditate or be silent or turn inward, I ended up sobbing. I was in a constant state of distraction and flight, and longed for inner calm... Heidi suggested we use the relaxation chair. I had the most amazing experience, a joyous and loving farewell from my husband, ending magically at the place of his death, which had previously been a site of pain and trauma for me. It was a turning point in my grieving process, and I believe it happened because of Heidi’s own inner peace, her loving nature, and her openness to alternative ways of perception.”

Can you feel the calling...

The deepest intention of this sojourn is to reconnect with the World Wide Womb, creating a wise, trusting container for each of us to grow an unshakeable bond with our womb core, our own nature, and become alive to the greater nature that holds us and permeates us in each and every breath.


In a very practical way, we will cultivate our ability to shift from struggling in disconnected anxiety and stuckness, to landing in our deepest knowing and alignment, held within ourselves,

held in sisterhood, held in the greater love of the Creative Source.


In this way, we learn a new way of being.

We come alive in the realm of

the Enchanted Womb.


This 4 month journey has been designed for women who have are committed to their path of feminine healing. Our time together will be rich, deep, intimate..... and FUN.

These realms of feminine magic are woven through our DNA, waiting to be remembered.

If you feel the calling to immerse or to enquire further please contact us.

Limited numbers are available to maintain the intimacy of the group.



Bonita on (+61) 419 416 515 in Australia

or Heidi on  (707) 312 3810 in the US


We look forward to sitting with you to feel how this journey can best serve your soul.


We are hosting a zoom gathering to answer any questions and share more of our intention for the mentorship.

Saturday 11 February at 5pm in the US which is

Sunday 12 February at 11am in Australia


In love and honour we look forward to

meeting you there.


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