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Embodying the presence of our Earth Mother

To truly know our Mother of the Earth we must enter Her. We must cross a thresh hold in our own bodies to the experience of Her as an embodied truth.

For those of us drawn to the natural world it’s usually because we feel and experience a deeper truth here on this earth dimension.

Even though we may not consciously know what that truth is, it’s taking the steps toward that truth that brings us toward this thresh hold in our own experience. This takes courage and fortitude, a trust in self, an honouring of the silent calling from the depths of soul to return to something known.

This deeper listening, this honouring feeds our souls deeply….

and the more we go toward, this becomes our compass.

Our longing, our yearning becomes a pathway to freedom within..... deep in our heart, in our womb and in our soul..... a pathway to feeling safe in our feminine bodies once again.

Safe to rest open and let our souls be touched by life,

to let our souls soar

to fly with the Mother

to dance in Her forests with Her elemental beings

to sing in joy

to walk with innocent wonder and abandon

to find ourselves in deep belonging with the womb soils of our Earth Mother as well as the stars in the primordial womb skies of our Cosmic Mother.

It is in this depth of surrender that you come to know that you are home.

You know it because you feel it, you experience it tangibly in your body, at home and held in and thru it all.


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