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Book a complimentary 20min introductory call with Bonita to see which session will work best for you.

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Womb Immersion Session

In this emotional release session, we are guided deeper into our body to experience what is already alive in the deeper realms of our experience that cannot be easily accessed through our conscious mind. Through practice we learn to cultivate womb presence and our ability to stay embodied through all that presents in our inner world, creating a grounded foundation for healing.

Through guided transmission we rest and relax into the deeper dimensions of our being and heal open natural gateways in our bodies. These are internal gateways designed for us to organically receive life energy to feed and nourish us physically, emotionally and spiritually, that have been covered over through aeons of time of disconnect and trauma. This reconnection becomes our foundation for safety and security through our embodied connection to the greater web of life, in the way that we were designed to be.

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In-Utero Healing

InUtero Healing reconnects us to our own soul. During gestation we can potentially become so enmeshed in our mothers energy that we disconnect from our own. Here we heal our journey of being birthed from Spirit into Matter. 


InUtero Healing sessions are the foundation of Womb healing as it journeys us back to this pivotal point for healing our souls incarnation into this realm. A vital threshold that must be crossed and healed by all seeking to embody sovereignty ..... both men and women.

The souls journey of embodiment into our human form is a deeply tender one. Our sensitivity and receptivity to life in the In Utero realm is wide open and when we are not held and nourished in an awakened womb through an all embracing, all nurturing mothers heart we are left imprinted with deeply tender wounds of abandonment and rejection.


Many of us were birthed through unawakened wombs to mothers not fully present to our needs for emotional and spiritual connection InUtero and mostly through no fault of their own. Herein lies the seed of our deepest healing into life in this dimension.


Healing Sexual Violation

Our feminine bodies have become numb to the painful effects of oppression and violation to the point where we are not connected on a feeling level to the truths that live inside us. Sexual abuse whether mental, emotional and/or physical - live as trapped energy in the body.


Through the sessions we deepen into the consciousness in the very cells of our being to find inner resources to once again cultivate internal safety so that we may revisit these places within that have been deeply and unconsciously violated with embodied soul presence. From here we have the resources to reclaim the sovereignty of our bodies at the deepest level.

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Past Life Healing

The womb field exists outside of time but includes all timelines. Every life time ever lived through all dimensions are accessible through the womb. Through embodied journeys our womb consciousness will naturally take us to a timeline that holds the source point of what is being experienced in the body.
Past life healing births deeper dimensions of our soul presence into this lifetime, so that we can live a life more true to the unique quality of our soul. 

Preparing your Womb for Conception

Conscious birthing is the ever-deepening process of surrender and unfolding into the deeper realms of the Womb of Life. We begin by creating space, our internal gateways healed open and nourished to receive life from the depths of Source.

The foundation for the awakening of our wombs is held through InUtero journeys to heal your own entrance into this dimension so that your baby is not imprinted with any unhealed disharmony. Preparing the womb for conception is profoundly rich and life giving and opens the gateways to deeper coherence with all of Life through a field of unfathomable love and beauty.

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Womb Nourishment Sessions

These life giving journeys are deeply nourishing either through pregnancy or if you are simply in need of deep loving nutrition, if you need to be held and 'loved up'. Here we drop into a place of deep rest and relaxation to enable our body and energy to open to receive from the deeper realms of life. It does not involve processing other than what is organically released or surrendered to to open more deeply to receive.

Our bodies are designed to receive, as we birth life, we open to receive from the very Source of life itself.

These journeys are deeply replenishing for all women on the path of womb healing as we open our internal gateways to Mother Earth and the Primordial Womb to receive nurturing and nourishing love Shakti from the Mother of Life.


Preparing to birth

Time after time this journey brings me to my knees spiritually like no other. The tender beauty of holding mother and baby in preparation for this sacred journey is an honour I behold with the deepest respect and humility.


The magnificent beauty and love of this wide open gateway is brought to the light of consciousness through a journey into the Oceanic Womb of Life, supporting both mother and baby to be carried through the journey unfolding through love from a deep connection to the sacred from the Source Womb of Life.

Healing Miscarried Pregnancies

Whether for natural reasons or a medically induced miscarriage, when the path of birthing a soul is disrupted for any reason, whether a conscious choice to terminate the pregnancy for health or personal reasons or whether it occurs as an act of nature, the impact potentially weighs heavily on both the soul of the baby and the soul of the mother.


Here human life is held at its most tender and vulnerable as we journey into the deeper realms of heart and soul to invite divine coherence at its source.

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Healing Ancestral Womb Lines

Beyond our physicality, we all inherit through our DNA a myriad of energies and imprints from our ancestors that mould and shape our relationship with ourselves and our experience of life itself. For those on the path of feminine embodied healing it is our mother-line as women that impact us the most. Many of these energies are brought through as a result of unhealed trauma. When these energies/ qualities are not made conscious over lifetimes /generations they build up steam to the point where they can no longer be ignored.

Many of us find ourselves in a healing crisis at this time, feeling aspects of life and trauma that have no reference point in this lifetime. Here through a combination of InUtero Healing and Womb Immersions we travel back to experience what lives deep in our blood and our bones to heal our lives and the threads that connect and weave us so intimately to our ancestors.

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