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Testimonials from the wombs of women 

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Meet our tribe of courageous feminine souls who have experienced the healing grace that flows from travelling to these depths within themselves to find and heal the truths that live beneath the surface of their lives. 

Womb healing returns us to our intimate connection with the natural world and is primary to the healing and reclamation of our sovereignty through our bodies and energy field in the same way the Feminine Mystics sanctified their bodies and souls through the eons of time.



Having had the pleasure of coming across Bonita’s work in a most serendipitous way, I was called to work with her when I had no idea what to expect or what it was that I was hoping to achieve. Being a typical Type A Corporate who although deeply spiritually aligned, I had no sense or feeling of my feminine womanly gifts I was nervous but also desperate to solve the feeling of emptiness within me that I flung caution to the wind and began working with Bonita.

Since those sessions I can honestly state that I now have a deep sense of internal calm and clarity - this alone has been phenomenal, however along this journey I have never felt so safe, secure and non-judged that I managed to open up and one can only really put it as beginning to heal.

This healing has allowed me to truly understand why I have made the choices I have, why I was so disconnected and deeply critical of everything I did. Bonita’s “work” isn’t work - it is a legacy of healing that has transformed my life and I know that there are many others whom will benefit. The gift of being able to connect my mind to my body and know that I can tap into this gift for the rest of my life is something I will always give credit to Bonita for assisting me to do.

E C Browne - Noosa Heads


It’s not often you come across such a rare and gifted soul like Bonita.

Kind, compassionate, humble and a truly transformational healer.


Do not underestimate her grace. The profound ways her guidance into the womb consciousness field will change you and empower you beyond words. I’m so grateful to have her walk with me, shining her light so I can find and shine my own.

Georgia T- Mount Coolum



The depth of the open-heart space which Bonita holds you in while in the process is beyond the Earthly realm. Her compassion, understanding, nurturing and kindness is all you need as you walk through the depth of your healing journey.


For me, personally, it has given me an aligned access to the depth of the sacred feminine, enabling me to reach deeper into my inner sacred feminine, beyond the veil. Her ongoing support in my life is an honouring of the Divine Feminine as I unfold, become clearer and aligned to my true essence.

The depth of healing the Sacred Feminine within me has also shifted so many energies between my children and I and all other relationships, healing and creating respectful relationships all around me.

It is a path of true consciousness.

Creating from a place of love and light.


Olga Maria


How does one express the immense shifts that occur when journeying with Bonita through the incredibly powerful terrain that is Womb Consciousness! Not only life changing, but soul trajectory changing! 

I have so much love and respect for the magic that Bonita has opened both my heart and my womb up to. Bonita is a portal to your true essence! Your true divinity! The shining radiant being that we are on a soul level, was presented to me via journeying with Bonita through the cosmic womb portal to the Great Mother. 

Bonita holds SUCH compassion and reverence for women as a collective, she helps us to hold that compassion for ourselves. By honouring who we truly are, and uncovering the layers that muddy the waters of our magical potential and gifts as women. 

I am forever grateful for Bonita, this work, and her humble wisdom. A true wayshower of all that we are. Thank you, Bonita for lifting the veil.  


With love and gratitude,

Rachel A, Sunshine Coast



Bonita is an exceptional woman. Her authentic and passionate soul has deeply touched my heart. I have experienced Womb Healing and Women's Circles with Bonita and she holds the most nurturing and loving space. I feel safe and deeply supported.


Her work is like nothing else I have come across. The depths and love that she holds for this work and the work with women is remarkable. I have personally softened into my femininity through working with Bonita and have really discovered what a privilege it is to be a woman through her work.


Thank you Bonita you are very special and I appreciate your dedication and support.

Beck Hall Yoga


I've been on a long healing journey for over 15 years, seeking the truth which I knew was out there and nothing has come close as the deep healing and reconnection with Life that I've experienced thanks to Bonita's sessions.

Embodying the purest love of our Divine Mother, Bonita's gentle guidance through my In-Utero sessions helped me relax and feel safe enough in my body to access and heal deep trauma. From healing this trauma, my body has come alive and I've been able to access gateways within, which I never knew existed. 

My life has completely changed since I discovered The Healing Womb and I've found the feeling of true freedom naturally arise from within. I haven't come across sessions like these anywhere else, especially to this level of depth and sincerity. Bonita is a pure soul, absolutely devoted to the truth and deep healing of Life. I'm so immensely grateful to Bonita and her work and my soul for guiding me here.




Bonita opens an organic space to the Mother of Life.  In this space the deepest truths are revealed to you from the Mother, your body, heart, womb and soul. Deep presence, compassion and love are held here by Bonita, allowing the deepest healing to take place.  I have been working with Bonita for over 1 year, time and time again I open and expand permanently to love more than I ever felt possible.  As is usual in these profound healings, words fall short and absolute gratitude seems not nearly enough.

Erin M


Sessions are held via zoom and take between 2 - 4 hours.

Some sessions including In-Utero Healing, Past Life Healing and Healing Ancestral Womb Lines are available for men. Custom sessions are also available.

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In-Utero Healing

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Past Life Healing

Preparing Your Womb for Conception

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Healing Miscarried Pregnancies

Healing Ancestral Womb Lines

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