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Bonita Woolf


Throughout my life I’ve craved to go deeper, to know deeper, to explore deeper….. it’s as if something was drawing me into my depths from deep inside, calling me from deep inside….. like my true self existed in the depths of my being.

I understand and embrace this about myself now and naturally surrender to this movement, to this magnetic pull that happens organically from deep within guiding me to the deeper truths, the deeper mysteries of life that lie hidden but not forgotten.

"Sincerity is the new currency" 

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An initiation into the remembrance of my Soul nature happened unexpectedly in a yoga class about 20 years ago. New to hot yoga I purchased a discounted 10 day pass to trial my experience. By day 3, my commitment and devotion to my practice deepening, mid practice I was surprised to experience energy building from deep within my body.


My mind thinking 'Wow, this hot yoga is powerful stuff, I'm sure this energy will defuse and pass, but 'no'. The energy built to the point where it became impossible to contain and I ungraciously removed myself from the class to experience a full bodied awakening on the floor of the bathroom.


Life as I knew it had changed forever.... I didn't go near another yoga class for years and kept my experience to myself. I really didn't think anybody would believe me because it was outside the realm of your average human experience... It was certainly outside the realm of my experience and topped with my own shame, yet in my depths I knew something significant had happened. My body, my energy, my perspective felt very different since.

My sensitivity to life heightened and my internal drive to explore the deeper mysteries of awakening which was always there, deepened exponentially.... Yet I kept all of this underground. 

A few years later I became very ill, my body depleted of sustenance and energy, I sort the help of an energy healer to support me to find some answers within. 

It didn't take much for these mystical energies to resurface and I spent the next couple of years healing my body and consciously relaxing into the profane and profound, awakening to the feminine mysteries that were alive within my body. 


The time came when I knew I had to find a feminine teacher to guide me. I sifted and searched through the many teachers offering embodiment work but I was searching for something in particular, a resonance of something even I wasn't clear about, but none the less it became my compass to find the right teacher.


Then one day as I listened to a podcast I heard her voice... a tone that struck a cord inside me and I listened and felt deeply.... I had found her, Maleda Gebremhedin of Womb Matrix Healing and The Womb of Life School. I studied and worked closely with her for about 4 years soaking up and entraining my body and soul to become a vessel, a conduit for the Mother Shakti that I embodied. 

Today I live a life ablaze with sacred purpose that has slowly been birthing through from the deeper realms of my being. It has not been an easy path but its been my path, the depth of which I have totally embraced. 


I'm now so deeply grateful for my commitment to my path, to be in service to life as a guide into the depths of creation itself through womb consciousness that holds such profound healing and beauty. 


I look forward to meeting you there

Thank you for listening. 

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