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Be Here

A calling home to Presence, to the divine love of our Eternal Soul nature.

This is an invitation to enter the divine dark, a realm of life rarely walked toward with a loving intention for the deep healing at the level of soul and for the sake of all of Life.
It’s a journey of awakening Love, a movement of the deepest healing as the loving presence of our ancient and eternal soul comes forward once again to alchemise and heal the unseen wounds of persecution that have proliferated and accumulated in our human body fields through the eons of time.

The energy matrix of these wounds compound over lifetimes forming a grid of suppressed yet normalised trauma over lifetimes masquerading as hereditary or personality traits that’s been birthed through our energetic field altering our true and divine energetic configuration to Earth and Life itself.
Our origin soul presence (our early lifetimes as a soul) would have our energetic configuration in deep at-tune-ment and at-one-ment with Mother Earth and in deep and sacred communion with the Cosmic Great Mother of Life herself. As a collective humanity has come a long way from this yet the memories exist inside our blood and bones that for the deeply sincere souls call us to reclaim and return to our birthright.

This calling is often experienced through deep pain and suffering in our human experience, often misdiagnosed as mental health issues or worse.

Here space is rarely held to listen deeply to the voice of the soul calling through the pain, the gnosis that sounds through beyond the story, the memories of what is known that sings through beneath the pain, that sounds through the aching heart and the crushed soul.

Rarely is space held to hear and feel the deep tenderness of a souls unique experience of life that may pour through beyond all understanding.

Over lifetimes in the clutches of colonised living, our souls have experienced an immensity of persecution, brutality and violation physically, mentally, emotionally and at the level of the sovereignty of our souls. These wounds accumulate in our field through each lifetime potentially creating a heavy karmic load for our soul. We come to feel deeply lost and enmeshed in the spell of colonisation as the only reality there is.

We also carry the imprints of persecution and brutality that has been birthed through from our ancestral lineage on both our mother line and our father line. All of this together with our experience In Utero sets up a complex energetic matrix for our soul to shine through.
The womb realms holding the cycle of life, the cycle of creation / birth and dissolution / death through which we have all been birthed have become heavily distorted due to the oppression of the divine feminine and divine masculine, deeply impacting the collective consciousness of humanity at every level.

I hope this helps to bring through a deeper context for your own souls healing and bring more understanding and compassion for the journey of all human souls especially when deep down we have memories of living in loving co-creation with life.

Our divine nature, the purity of our Eternal souls singing its tone of Love through life….. we know how it’s meant to be, we know the harmony, we know what living in love feels like.
This is absolutely why it hurts so much and so deeply and we struggle to feel sincere hope for ourselves and the future of humanity. It’s the memories that live inside of us, the reference points that lie buried in these traumas, our deeply hidden knowing, our love, our gifts of soul…. how deep down in the hidden realms of our being lies the soul ache and heart break of the ages.

For some of us we may experience it as a deep, deep grief, a sadness that brings us to our knees in give-up in moments…. this right here is the river of Eternal soul love attempting to shine through.

It’s been an ongoing challenge to put words to this deep ache, to find and enter a pathway that takes us home to what truly matters, what eternally matters as a sincere soul.

For a growing number of us, we have reached that moment as souls where the very purpose of our lives have become the healing of the sovereignty of our souls and the sacred return to what is known, to be and embody the love and Presence that is our divine nature.

Here it becomes an essential threshold to cross, to orient ourselves to remember and learn to access and heal these ancient wounds of our soul.
For no matter how much we love the Divine, and no matter what spiritual tools we have gathered along the way, until and unless these past life imprints of embodied trauma and persecution imprints are healed at their source, our path of realisation of our deeper nature will undoubtedly be thwarted with patterns arising from unresolved soul traumas and unconscious programming that lie hidden deep within our being.

It takes a deeply loving and devoted soul to enter these realms with eyes wide open and souls oriented in deep feeling presence. A soul committed to the realisation of their divine nature and the healing of the Soul of Life. A soul willing to stay present through the depths of discomfort and pain as they arise on their path of healing, to stay present long enough to allow the potency of love that is their Eternal soul to rise from the ashes of hidden despair.

The invitation here in this moment is to take a breath with me, soul to soul, to feel if and where this calls you in your body.
A small group of us are preparing to gather, each being guided deeply by the potency of our own devotion to heal our souls and the Soul of Life here on Mother Earth.

Gathering together in a sacred crucible to reclaim our holy bodies, our divine essence, our universal wisdom as moment by moment we come home to the love of our souls in the deepest coherence with the Mother as the heartwomb of the Soul of Life itself. Here, like a birthing from deep within, the love that lies buried in our hearts and womb begins to shoot Cupids arrow into the Cosmic realms of Eternal love… here we find our way home to the love that we are.

Rooted in self responsibility and self accountability we deepen step by step into the heavy layer of remembrance that has perhaps haunted or tormented us all our lives. This is our karmic template, a grid of trauma as both a victim and perpetrator of persecution.

The potency of this level of healing is so deeply supported by the holding of the group container, the power of love of our group supporting each initiate to stay steeped in their intention for healing… and as we move through these thresholds with the sincerity of love that is our soul presence for ourselves and each other it initiates an alchemy of healing incomprehensible to the human mind.

It’s with deep reverence and honour that I invite those of you who are ready to step forward more deeply into the light of your ancient soul to open these gateways of remembrance for the sake of all of life.




I had often wondered why it was so challenging for me to integrate the Love I felt from the Divine into my relationship with myself and with others.

Despite truly life changing, intimate and incredible experiences of the grace and love of the Mother throughout my life I still found myself unable to fully allow this pure connection to flow into my life, especially whilst in relationships (romantic/friendship/sisterhood) I had always believed it was related to my childhood, my inner child and attachment issues such as fear of abandonment of fear of intimacy but during the Be earthed entrainment, the core issue was unfolding and unraveling in the most experiential way.

I was able to truly feel and witness how the constructs and unconscious programming plays out in my mind, how it affects my nervous system and how deeply it impacts my emotions.

The most difficult aspect of a construct is the completely distorted perception that is truly felt as reality and as it is so unconscious, the more ‘aware of myself’ I thought I was, the more unconscious of it I actually became.

There would have been no way for me to unhook myself from this particular construct without the holding of Love from the beautiful souls in this container and the purity and potent connection of Bonita's intimacy with the Mother and her deep, sincere, compassion and gnosis.

This has not been an easy path for myself or those around me but to feel my soul and to experience the Potent love of the Divine that guides us relentlessly to the deepest point for our freedom has been worth every moment of pain and perceived seperation I have ever felt in my life.

I feel so much more space within myself - to really feel Myself from my eternal soul has been the most precious gift and this freedom has impacted my relationship with every being in my life in the most deepest way.

I feel so much hope in my body and such gratitude for every moment. Thank you so much Bonita, Bona, Erin, Leanne and Samuel for travelling so deeply with me with so much love and integrity, it been such an honour to share together.

Sarah H



The journey of healing one’s traumas and facing our pain requires a place of safety within oneself.

Bonita has guided me (and many others) firstly to this place of safety, and then through the intricacies of feeling and releasing these energies that present themselves as trauma, programs and constructs.

Bonita has helped me free my soul and I will eternally be grateful for her and her divine soul presence.


It’s an awesome adventure of awakening and embodied remembrance.


With love and gratitude


Samuel C Jan 2024

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