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Be Earthed

An entrainment into the heart-womb of Mother Earth, an invitation to enter the living gateway of Presence that is Mother Earth. Here we rest in deep listening to hear the song of her soils …. A song of emergence, of liberation, of sovereignty, of deep, deep love.

Her Earth song is a Universal song
Her planetary emanation of primordial life gently flowing into fertile soils and crystalline waters

Her heart song of mountains and meadows, lakes and seas
Of ancient forests of expansive deserts, of flowers of trees
Of birds and butterflies, of honey and bees
Of whales, of wolves, of lions and bears

She sings her soul song of sacred homecoming
Of resting in intimate belonging
Of bathing us in her divine light to awaken our own

Make me your grounding she sings, the foundation of your being
Make me your breath she sings, that opens you to meet mine in each moment
Make me your warmth she sings, the compassionate arms that hold you
Make me your nourishment she sings, the food for your body and Soul
Make me your love she sings, the force of life that heals and guides you
Make me your currency she sings, all that sustains you that is freely given now and forever more

It’s the earth’s song of her soils and mountains
It’s the water’s song of her springs, her gentle rain, her lakes and seas
It’s the ether’s song of her breath, her kiss of life that breaths us in each moment
It’s the fire’s song of love, warming us with the sunshine of her soul

slowly she invites us into deep listening
slowly she guides us into deep prayer
slowly our bodies coming alive with Her Shakti
Slowly like a rose bud blossoms open, the wings of our heart begin to unfold and a light shines thru from its centre from the mystery deep within

Healing our love for elemental life,
Healing our love for all of life on her sovereign body
Breathing in flow with Her breath once again …..

You are invited to let your heart sing open in response to Her calling….

Mother Earth 🌏

Our living Temple is an alive and infinitely loving presence that exists within each of us.

She in no uncertain terms is calling us at this time to realise Her within the matter of our Being, to embody and realise Her presence as no separate from our own.

She births us consciously to be the human conduit for Her life force, herein lies the initiation. She births us into sovereignty and simultaneously we come to realise Hers.

Her breath of life, Her sacred Shakti pulsates through our bodies moment by moment whether we are conscious of it or not, enlivening us with a sacred current, a sacred
sacred force of life energy that creates life anew, a sacred sacred force of love from the deepest realms of existence.

She is the heart of planetary life that beats our heart, that regulates our nervous system, that nourishes the depth of our matter and energy body. This is how we are designed to thrive in heart, in body and in soul.

Her invitation here is that of homecoming, of the deepest belonging and coherence with life, of living in conscious realisation of Her force of presence within us.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

Becoming an initiate of

Great Mother Presence

This initiation is the Feminine path, the Sacred Feminine path, the aspect of creation that births and dissolves life from the deepest primordial realms of existence..... the aspect of creation that births both masculine and feminine souls through the womb of Mother Earth into embodied presence.

To become a Mystic Soul Guide as both men and women is to become a living gateway to the Eternal

Sisters and Brother....

This is a calling to a select few souls on the journey of Great Mother realisation, those deeply committed to their spiritual journey and ready to sit in the seat of their sacred purpose of becoming a vessel for the Mothers heart in the world, for the healing of life on our beautiful planet.

Those dedicated to their own healing over and above all, those devoted to entraining in Her love to deeply understand, hold and care for the soul of life alive within themselves and all others. This divine perception flowing its ancient current from deep within their matter, thru the blood and bones of their beings. Buried but infinitely not forgotten.

Those embodying a spiritual aliveness, a divine thirst, a deep intimacy with the natural world, with the beauty of life, with existential truth, those in awe of the immense sovereignty of the Mother of Life who births and dissolves life in all its forms moment by moment.

This is an invitation to meet in Sacred Community, to heal through the deepest sovereignty so that we may dance in Sacred Union together ..... birthing a consciousness we have all longed and yearned to embody and live since time immemorial.

We begin the journey of Initiation, of entrainment into the consciousness of the Womb, of training to sit in our seat as life givers, as mystic healers, as souls guides, as holders of the sacred flame in which ever expression your soul desires to emanate itself. We entrain to become mothers to our own healing so that we may become Mothers to the healing of Life, hereby becoming a living conduit for the potent compassionate healing presence of the Great Mother herself.

Module 1 - A 6 week intensive

Please contact Bonita to register interest for the next available training

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