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Ancient Origins

A 7 day Red Desert Pilgrimage from Alice Springs to Uluru
21 - 28 May 2024

An invitation to explore the Ancient and Primordial Motherlands of Country….
This is a journey of homecoming to the natural world, where we create space to relax into deep listening to the whispers of the land...
Where Country and Culture are alive with ancient ways.

Imagine watching the golden hues of sunrise on the horizon revealing the majesty of the red desert as you sit surrounded by nothing but the vastness and stillness of the outback.

As your heart awakens to the beauty of the new day, you can feel from within a connectivity that flows so deep.… its as if Mother Earth has sent a direct transmission from Her heart to yours, from Her womb to yours...  You feel touched by something so simple yet so sacred, sensations surfacing from the deep soils of the matter of your being. 

You spent the night dreaming with Her wide-open cosmic skies, the crackle of the desert fire sending you into a deep, peaceful slumber, the tones of the Womb journey from earlier in the day still nourishing your inner being.

Life becomes rich in the most simple way. You feel held and embraced by the natural world in H
er alive and gentle, all-encompassing splendour.


These ancient lands give you time out of time.

Make this your time.

You are being welcomed into an intimate journey with the red soils of the Central Desert, the ancient lands of our Mother Country… where the Grandmothers and Grandfathers of these lands have communed on Her soils for thousands of years.

They tell stories, sing and dance transmitting the Mothers Eternal LOVE, birthing and dissolving Life since time immemorial.
These lands have been held sacred in this way by the most ancient peoples of the Earth, for this we honour Culture in the deepest and most reverent way possible as the gatekeepers of the primordial song of Life.

Here we enjoin with them to listen to Mother Earth, to embody Her primordial Heart, relaxing into the deeper feminine holding of life that is the Great Mother of these lands.

Together we journey into the sacred realms of these wide open gateways on Country to begin to open our own internal gateways to our own ancient indigenous roots ….. to re-member our origin souls whose songs can still be heard through the Cosmic womb gateways of the dark night skies.

A journey of deep Soul Healing, a journey of Embodiment, a journey of Connection, a journey of Love. A sacred feminine journey available to both men and women, a journey that holds the healing of the Womb of Life at its core, the sacred feminine consciousness that heals, births and dissolves life for all.
"We, as the human family, are all descendants of indigenous and tribal people.

Earth-based cultures who were spiritually alive and awake to the grand co-creation of Life. We knew our place in the cycle of Life with humility and respect for all of Life in its myriad of forms. Our co- creation with Life was our spiritual purpose, within that we knew who we were and included in ‘who we were’ was our ancient lineage of ancestors and descendants.

This deep and intimate connection to Earth remains buried in our blood and bones, buried yet very much alive in our embodied memory. We carry the consciousness in our wombs as women silenced but never forgotten. To re-awaken these inner thresholds all that is asked of us is to turn toward, to go within and rest in our bodies, rest on Mother Earth and let the remembrance rise from Her womb to awaken our own."


Our Journey

It’s with the deepest reverence that we come together to journey as guests on these sacred soils of Country in sovereign communion with Indigenous Culture, the First Nations peoples of these Lands that we now all call home.

 In letting go to the timeless we gently begin to remember our own true nature, reclaiming our connection to Life and our connection to our bodies as sacred vessels for the deepest co-creation with Mother Earth herself.

This sojourn will commence well before we arrive in Alice Springs. By refining our skills of deep presence and deep listening with Mother Earth, we prepare internally to navigate a more authentic and embodied experience of the gifts of these lands.

It is a rare gift to life that these living gateways have been treasured and loved open through the eons of time by the First nations peoples who through their song-lines, their dreamtime, their story telling, their art, their dancing, their music, their sacred sounds and their healing traditions have passed down their ancient wisdom through the generations of time.


...the colours and tones of dreamtime
We have the honour and privilege of being connected to Culture on this journey by being welcomed to Country by the Traditional Owners.

This pilgrimage will bring us to an Indigenous Outback Station called Lilla where we will stay for a few nights. We have been granted permission and the honour of visiting the sacred sites of this precious community and will be guided by two beautiful indigenous sisters who grew up on these lands.

From here we will explore the breath taking vistas of Kings Canyon before we venture to the majesty that is Uluru and the wonders of The Olgas.
As mentioned, these lands and sacred sites are primal gateways to the deeper primordial realms from which all of life is birthed. So in addition to these wondrous landmarks that we will visit and deeply enjoy we will also be journeying through the internal realms of soul to deepen our experience physically.

I will be offering a series of Womb transmissions through the course of the Pilgrimage, these are guided journeys which deepen us into our awareness of the moment so that we come into the fullness of our own experience. They are deeply restorative, relaxing and nourishing.
I’m so very excited to journey in this way with all who feel called.
This Journey will be facilitated by the medicine of Bonita Woolf
I feel deeply honoured to be your guide on this Pilgrimage. My journey to be here comes from a depth of healing of my own Indigenous origins on Mother Africa.

My feminine lineage goes back to the Khoisan tribe who were and still are the First Nations peoples of Southern Africa. My ongoing journey of healing and reclaiming my indigenous roots and my souls embodied remembrance, is what inspires me to hold a space of deepening awareness, honour and respect of the all encompassing experience of indigenous life that is alive way beyond the minds’ conceptual understanding of Earth-based life.

I am a qualified Womb Guide at THE HEALING WOMB, passionate about supporting women and men to heal and awaken to their deeper sacred nature through the consciousness of the Womb.

For more information visit
Tracey-Lee W
Sacred Returning 2022 Pilgrimage Attendee
"Omg the transition has been huge.
I feel like I’ve outgrown so much walking back into my life here. Nothing feels ‘normal’ right now.

My Mind has been fully BLOWN !!!
So much love to all that shared this experience and the space holders
And that beautiful land and country."

Experiencing these lands through the consciousness of the Womb opens us in a very natural way to the deeper dimensions of Life within.

Know that there are no prerequisites for this journey other than an open, loving and respectful heart.

...welcoming in Mother Earths transmission of a new day
Our journey to the Central Desert begins when arriving into Alice Springs on Tuesday, 21 May 2024 to begin our pilgrimage (in a bus) from Wednesday 22 May to Tuesday 28 May.

This journey is a camping experience where we have the opportunity to rest in deep communion with Mother Earth to be held and nourished by Her loving presence.

This is not a glamping experience, the emphasis here is on our connection with the natural world while still being cosy and comfortable.

The cost is $3295 which includes all accomodation and camping equipment, all transportation from Alice Springs to Yulara (township closest to Uluru), all National park admission fees, all meals and drinks. Nourished in true outback style. Dietary options available.

Please note that this is an alcohol free and drug free event.

Below is a basic overview of the flow of our journey together - there will be many other delights that will be enjoyed that I have not included here.
DAY 1-3
Pick up from accommodation at Alice Springs early morning, drive to Lilla Community (3 hours)
Our time at Lilla Community will begin with a 'Welcome to Country' Enjoying 3 days in Lilla Community camping in swags under the stars or in a tent.
Lilla is an Aboriginal Outstation ... in our time at Lilla we have permission to explore several sacred sites on the land. Guided walks each day.
The Community is about 15km from Kings Canyon.
We will enjoy an early morning walk in Kings Canyon on Day 3

Kings Canyon is in the Watarrka National Park, home to the Luritja and Arrente peoples for more than 20,000 years. The majesty of these sandstone cliffs cannot
be described in words.

Travelling to Yulara (3.5 hours)

Day trip to Uluru. This awe inspiring and iconic landmark in the Central Australian Desert is believed to have been created at the beginning of time by Ancestral Beings as told in their stories. Western science has dated it back 300 million years. Home to the Anangu peoples, the traditional landowners of Uluru Kata Tjuta National Park. The unfathomable presence of Uluru is testament to the sanctity in which it is held by First Nations Culture. Uluru can only truly be seen and experienced through its immense and sacred presence.
A day trip to Kata Tjuta… Mount Olga (The Olgas) is a group of large domed rock formations, also sacred to the local Anangu people who have inhabited the area for more than 22,000 years. The Olgas are a personal favourite. Walking through the Olgas feels like traversing through universe after universe. 

Completion ceremony in the morning.
Drop off at Yulara Airport.
Bus will return to Alice Springs arriving late afternoon.

You will need to arrange your flight into Alice Springs on Tuesday 21 May and return flight at a time of your choice from either Yulara or Alice Springs.

Early-bird bookings made and paid for by the end of March will receive a $300 discount.

Limited spaces are available for the Pilgrimage so please notify me of your intent as soon as possible. Please feel free to contact me regarding any booking information,
questions or concerns you may have.

Looking forward to adventuring with you on both the inner and outer realms!
Bonita @thehealingwomb
Renee S
Sacred Returning 2022 Pilgrimage Attendee

"A deep dive into relaxation, truth and your soul awaits when on the Sacred Returning Pilgrimage. If you are ready to feel, receive, be held and guided through growth experiences and discover new authentic friendships, this retreat delivers beyond your wildest dreams. 


We all want exclusive experiences when on tour, to be held while being shown adventure. The scenery is stunning, comforts a plenty, stars forever and sunrises and sunsets blaze over the most spectacular natural scenery all with as much or as little silence as you need. 


The specialists guide you in meditation, transmission and growth experiences while the steady earth under foot holds you firmly. A spiritual experience and one that will change your life while surrounded by nature. My life was reset, recharged and I am headed in a new direction after completing the Sacred Returning Pilgrimage. Just do it, find your truth and set yourself free."

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