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The Calling to reclaim our connection to Organic Life

Ancient cultures sanctified womb practices as the foundation for deep communion with Mother Earth and the deeper realms of feminine realisation.

Our wombs are literally a portal to these deeper realms of realisation and form a bridge between the un-manifest realms and the manifest realms of life as we know it here on Mother Earth.

Given this, our wombs are our spiritual seat as feminine souls and its through the consciousness of our wombs that we embody our divine nature.

It is through our wombs that we access the natural world to birth, create, connect and heal in sacred coherence with all of life.

We are unconsciously tired, we are unconsciously in pain living in a synthetic construct that at its core makes no sense. We unconsciously desire to return home to the majesty of the natural world. For all women on the path of feminine healing, awakening the consciousness of our wombs is a threshold we must cross to sit in our true seat of spiritual sovereignty as feminine embodied souls.

Our wombs are an energetic portal, the direct pathway to the divine unfolding of Life, the gateway to the deeper realms of Creation from which all of Life is birthed, hence our deepest and most powerful gateway to embodiment as feminine souls.

It’s here that we birth and create Life from Source and its here that we return to heal Life at the Source from the inside out. Given the aeons, the lifetimes of feminine oppression and ancestral trauma that we have all endured as a species, the wombs of women have largely been left unhealed, allowing unresolved disharmony to be passed down from generation to generation leading to the healing crisis we are in today. The degree to which the wombs of women have been compromised is mostly unacknowledged and the impact on the consciousness of humanity completely unrecognised.

Most women on the planet, whether they are consciously connected to their wombs or not, live with a level of suffering sourced in disharmony in their womb. Restoring love and sovereignty to humanity starts with restoring love and sovereignty to our wombs; restoring love and sovereignty to women, the Mothers of Life.


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