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Womb Consciousness

Womb consciousness is the birthing aspect of Creation, the portal to the Sacred Feminine birthing of Life through our beings and through all realms of existence, from its divine source….. to life as we know it today.

Much of the world consciousness we live in today is a man made, synthetic energetic construct. Through accessing the consciousness of our wombs we return to the natural world birthed from the Source of Life, the Cosmic Womb of the Great Mother.

As we embody the consciousness of our wombs… we embody our connection to the natural world, to the greater web of Life. Our wombs are the bridge between the un-manifest realms of existence and the manifest realms of life on Earth.

Awakening to the consciousness of your womb is a slow unfolding of resting and relaxing into your depths.

Through rest and relaxation, your body will naturally and organically in its own time flower open to what is more deeply alive within. As we rediscover and heal the gateways in our bodies to being nourished by life in the most organic and natural way, we are fed by the deepest spiritual essence of life and love to awaken to our deeper nature, to awaken to our divine nature.

We are birthed from the Source love of the Divine and our bodies respond to the sincerity of this love, we come alive, we awaken when we feel loved and safe in our bodies, in the truth of who we are.

It does not require believing in any ideology or taking on anybody else’s idea of truth other than the truth of your own unfolding, of your own experience… and this becomes your guide, this becomes your authority and your path to sovereignty. Your ability to receive what is freely given, to be nourished by purity of life is greatly impacted by the imprints taken on in our InUtero experience of being nourished by our birth mother. This primal gateway must be healed to restore our ability to open to receive from life in the way we are designed to.

From here ….. we birth, create, transmit in the most organic and natural way from the Source of Life itself, in deep coherence with our Earth Mother for the sake of all of Life.

We embody and become the Divine Mothers of Life.

'So how does this work?' You may ask ….. You may say to yourself ‘as a woman I know I have a womb, all women have one or have had one, I was born from one but how can delving into my womb really help me to heal?’

So we know that every human, both males and females incarnate through a human body, though a human womb-an, a human womb.

And you may have recognised that with all the advancements in modern science and technology we still haven’t managed to successfully duplicate the majesty of the wombs of women to gestate a human baby outside of a human womb. So what is it about the womb that gives us as women access to birthing humanity in such a magnificent and profound way.

As souls we incarnate from the un-manifest primordial realms into the manifest states of existence and when we incarnate we birth through the womb, making our wombs the gateway between the un-manifest and the manifest realms, between the deepest primordial realms of soul and the world as we know it.

This in and of itself is a profound and magnificent, natural feminine power, an immense spiritual power.

And as we allow our bodies to rest and relax, our consciousness naturally descends into our wombs, we become present in our wombs and we have access to this spiritual power, we have access to our own soul nature, our divine nature.

From here not only do we have access to birth other souls though our womb gateway but we have access to birth our own soul in the same magnificent way.

The consciousness of the womb exists outside of time and space, while holding all time and space, all of life, all of our many lifetimes. Its our access to omni-presence. Here we are travelled back to any time, place or situation to heal Life at its source bringing our soul into right alignment.

Our wombs as an energetic gateway

The gateway of our wombs is energetically wide open and as women we are all blessed with one whether we physically have one or not, however given the degree of distortion and violation of the feminine aspect of life, many women find it difficult to access this energetic gateway. It’s not easy to access because of the level of mind we embody but with relaxation and patience we slowly reclaim access to the consciousness of our wombs and it becomes the most natural movement.

Given the aeons of suppression, oppression and trauma carried through our ancestral lineage the energetic wombs of women have been chronically distorted, manifesting physically in a myriad of ways.

Cultivating presence

Our wombs are our seat of compassion, of deep nurturance, of love for all of life.... of Divine Feminine love for all of life wanting to birth through our wombs.

It is the centre-point of spiritual awakening for feminine souls, its where we return to heal our bodies, to heal our souls at the deepest level.... we come back to the womb, we sink deeper and deeper into this divine feminine gateway in our beings to access our soul nature, to presence and feel all that wants to be healed inside of us, all that is wanting to be birthed and created...... for healing our souls, our ancestral lineage, for birthing our babies, for deepening our awareness, for birthing our passions, our businesses, our embodied consciousness into life ..... for playing our role in birthing the new Earth and healing life …. for the sake of all of life….. here we become the embodiment of the Mother of Life herself.

Our role as women is that we are actually birthing the consciousness of humanity through our wombs, so on a collective scale the greatest gift we can give humanity is to live from our depths. From the depths of our sensitivity to life, from the depths of our feeling nature and from our immense power to receive from the deeper realms of life so that we may transmit, birth and create from our deepest integrity for the sake of all of life.

So as we heal our wombs we come back into alignment with organic life….. as we live from these depths we live from a natural source of love and compassion for all of life. By staying landed in these depths we can stay present to the surface level of life from a place of being deeply resourced in love, and we can take action from a place of certainty, knowing and trust, from oneness and divine inspiration.


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