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The Cycle of Life

The GREAT MOTHER otherwise known as the MOTHER OF LIFE, is the SACRED FEMININE aspect of the birthing and dissolution of Life.

She is, in Her entirety, the very Cycle of Life.

She births and dissolves life in its myriad of forms through all realms of existence from Spirit to Matter.

She births all of the Cosmos and beyond. She births the galaxies, the planets, the sun, the moon, the stars.... all of life eternally streams forth from Her heart womb of Creation.

Our Earth home is a planetary emanation of the power of love that is the Great Mother, birthed from Her Cosmic Womb of Life.

Within Her Earth presence She births all of life on Her earth body, Her body carrying the blueprint of Creation from Source.

She births in generous abundance the plant kingdom, the animal and insect kingdoms, the forests, the oceans, the rivers, the lakes and all the water channels on Her body. She births the humanity into this dimension.

We are energetically birthed through the womb of Mother Earth.

Inadvertently all of human life is birthed through the wombs of women.

We too are the Mothers of Life, our bodies carrying the same blueprint of Creation, birthing the consciousness of humanity through our wombs in divine co-creation with the Womb of Mother Earth and the Cosmic Womb. Our wombs and cervical gateway being the bridge between the manifest and un-manifest reams of existence, we are the sacred vessels, the embodied Great Mother vessels of life birthing Spirit in matter.

Whether we are birthing souls into this dimension from Source or Consciousness into this dimension from Source .... we, our sacred bodies play an immense, immense roll in the grand and ever eternal Cycle of Life.

Yes, we are that.

Our wombs are woven with sacred purpose.

To sit in our womb seat is to sit in the sovereignty of our heart.... in our love and care for the very Soul of Life.

The collective health of our wombs directly impact and shape the evolution of human consciousness.

Given the trajectory of what is unveiling on our planet at this time we are being called to heal and restore the sovereignty of our wombs, the sovereignty the feminine aspect of birthing life, of birthing consciousness, of birthing love as never before.


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