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Womb Healing

Womb healing is not merely related to women wanting to birth, it is for all women and men wanting to deepen into and embody the consciousness of their deeper feminine nature.

Womb healing in its most organic form is a slow and natural deepening, a natural unfolding into the consciousness of Life lived through our beings.

A slow immersion through the Womb of Life gateway through which all of existence is birthed, accessed directly through our bodies so that we may heal our soul and heal life at its primal source.

Through cultivating internal safety, we are gradually able to rest and relax deeper and deeper into our beings and surrender open to receive physical, energetic and spiritual nourishment into our bodies from Mother Earth.

This in itself creates a foundation for healing.

With each turn of the spiral we immerse and relax deeper and deeper into our bodies, into our beings we surrender open to a depth of presence that reside inside all of us and through an intuitively natural and organic unfolding we spiritually relax into the realisation of who we are.

Here our core wounds and any dis-harmonic energies….. all that sits in the dark, that we are unconscious of but affect us deeply come to the surface to be presenced and healed and organic Life restored inside our being the way we were designed to be.

With love, patience and practice we move from a place of struggle to a place of deeper relaxation into life.

And the more deeply we can surrender here, the more deeply we can trust and rest into our bodies here, we automatically rest into our wombs, our spiritual seat. We are designed this way, its our divine design for our consciousness to naturally rest in our wombs; our wombs being the deepest aspect of embodied Sacred Feminine realisation.


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